There is a ten degree difference between the passenger side vents and driver***8217;s vents at any temp setting. Today was the first day where I turned on the AC and I noticed that both driver and passenger are set to 60, but the passenger side was blowing out warm air, while driver side was cold. Works good till next Spring and same thing repeats again. If I turn the thermostat control off it goes off. diznik007 thanks!!! F4 (10A) Engine control module(ECM) F5 (10A) Sliding roof. Maybe a bad expansion valve in the a/c causing the a/c to not get cold enough? anyways one can of freeon from advanced fixed the problem and i haven't had anymore problems. I knew immediately that it wasn't mechanical but rather electrical since it happened so quickly. the brown wire closest to the firewall is the ground and the two yellow wires with a purple stripe are the + terminals. Serviced regularly. there is a three prong electrical connection on top of the water valve. Did you? View and Download BMW X5 2004 owner's manual online. One of the most common reasons your BMW’s air conditioner isn’t working is because of an A/C leak. It is the Final Stage Unit/Blower Motor Resistor - changed mine and the problem never came back. BMW X5 E70 2013 X5 50 air conditioning Ive had my X5 for two months and still have not been able to set the temp and leave it alone. Give The Pelican Parts parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. Serial Number: lp00021 Was this . Had the same issue 3 weeks after regassing on my UK '07 spec 760Li with the driver side going warm before the passenger side and finally (after having vac'd out the system after diagnosing a tiny leak on the front condenser) tried. Why's my BMW X5 ac not working? The driver side is blowing cool air. Thanks Dant9422. Return to top. HOT air from the driver side and cold air from the passenger side. if it were low on refrigerant it would not be cooling at all. :dunno: Comments: my bmw x5 3.0d 2003 has heater on one side but not the other do you have the valve for this thanks: July 8, 2016 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes. Yes. I had a low charge in my a/c. 1 Answer. I have spent some time looking for this information but have not been able to find a solution. A perfectly functioning air conditioning system is important for a comfortable ride. 2008 vehicle, so I don't have that level of granularity on the temperature control. I read it somewhere on this forum or sister forum that unlike R-12 Gas. this was weird to me because I am not an a/c profesional i knew what on a three guage setup my numbers were all within range. I am having the same issue in my E70 for last 3 Yrs, Every spring we find out that freon is very Low or gone. I read it somewhere on this forum or sister forum that unlike R-12 Gas, R134a freon molecules are very small and can leak through the Rubber tubing in Extreme cold conditions. F2 (10A) Glove box locking motor. Well, it's not AC related. when you apply 12v and a ground to the silanoid it will pop. When I start the car, the thermostat automatically turns on to what ever temp was last set. However, BMW's air conditioning system is not invincible to problems. 24 Views.,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If the AC does not have enough refrigerant, it will not blow cold air. answer. I did this by using one of those cheap blue plastic jumpers and then tested the voltage on the plugs. In my efforts to repair this problem I replaced the heater control valve and the problem still persist. Helpful 1 Leave your answer . I***8217;m not familiar with the systems working, but for ay of you that are, is there a thermistor in the system or something else that senses air temperature? They will both blow cold for a little while after I do the hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold. The most important part in a vehicle’s air conditioning system is the condenser fan assembly. Chances are you have coolant leaking passed the passenger diapghram thus causing the heating on the passenger side. I used a car battery and a piece of speaker wire to test the silanoids. How can I see what the problem is? Why my BMW X5 passenger door wont … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not a refrigeration problem. 2002 BMW X5. Your AC is working fine, the problem with the unit is your heater control valve under the dash is faulty. Package includes Air Vent Tab Chrome-plated Trim 1PCS.Compatible for BMW Series X5 F15 2014-2018 , X6 F16 2015-2018.Fit for left side air vent,front center air vent and right side air vent.If you need vent tabs for old model X5 E70/X6 E71,please order from ASIN B07G44RFVD. F3 (7,5A) Alarm system Charging system Horn Automatic air conditioning Manual air conditioning. Where can I find it and also what type of wire I need to connect to computer? I then learned how to test the old one to make sure it was good. Your second post leads me to believe it is a setting issue. This would be just long enough for the drivers air to get cold. Well if the BMW features dual climate control there are many reasons for this. Thanks: March 22, 2014 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: The cooling fan may not be working. F6 (10A) CD changer DVD. JavaScript is disabled. If you cant hear it pop then its bad. only people that on this type of car should answer or a certified tech such as myself I own the car and I work for BMW. - Nick at Pelican Parts Any ideas? once the pressure would bleed off the highside and the system would "balance" it would then kick on again. The dealer showed me how to adjust the temperature bias for the driver and passenger but that does very little to help. Try replacing the heater control solenoid valve. Being a 2006 BMW, I don't know if you really want to tear into the dash compartment.,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Test showed very low level and no leaks in system. Bringing the BMW community together. Am I missing some hidden "truth"?????????? alright, so my problem wasnt the water valve. If none of the fan speeds work, then checking the fuse or fuses for the heating, vent and air-conditioning systems is a logical first step. Even in automatic modes, passenger is blowing warm air and driver cool. The problem is the module goes bad and informs the other modules of the problem, so the a/c logic is to not operate. 10 Views. Jump to Latest Follow ... OEM is not what BMW sells ... Best evidence would be the warranty claim/dealer repair logs on X5 AC systems in your area - if very few X5s in your area have this problem then it is not a generic issue, … Press the right side of the button on the driver's side. When you move, air over the condenser allows the A/C to cool. 1 Answer. BMW cars aren’t known for having air conditioning problems, but if the air isn’t blowing cold when the temperature rises, that doesn’t matter for much. The AC on the passenger side is blowing warm air. I***8217;m running out of ideas and need a little help from someone who has gone through this with positive results. At the lowest fan speed, press the left side of the button on the driver's side. helpful? I have a 2005 BMW X5 149,000 miles. Also for: X5 3.0i, X5 4.4i. For an AC system to work, it needs a gas or liquid substance called refrigerant (R-12 in older cars, R-134a in 1995 and newer cars). Normally low gas. When I bought my X5 the air conditioner worked after you drove it for 30 minutes. Here are four reasons your BMW’s air conditioner is not working. The air flow rate can be varied by pressing on the corresponding side. 4.8L black/black, Sport, premium, Tech, Premium sound, Cold pkg, NAV, 3rd Row, Rear Entertainment, Active Steering, HUD. Over time, refrigerant can leak from the AC system through seals. While there are a variety of reasons your BMW X5 air conditioning won't work, the most common 3 are a refrigerant leak, an electrical climate control issue, or a problem with the air conditioning … A/C Leak. Funny because it is a VERY COMMON problem in BMW. My wife ran into this problem on the way home from work. Saturday, July 13th, 2019 AT 1:56 PM (Merged) ... Related Air Conditioner Not Working Content. Right side works fine. Name. Why's my BMW X5 air conditioning not working on one side? what it was doing after talking to my gf's uncle the a/c was low on charge. I've read half a million posts on BMWs and never heard of this issue, the so-called "Truth" of "bitter cold winters and freon gone each spring".....anyone else? Maybe the in dash temp sending unit? iDrive is configured the same for both sides under climate control. A forum community dedicated to BMW owners and enthusiasts. this is the valve closing, they are held open by spring pressure and close when the a/c is turned on. F7 (5A) Secondary air pump relay Tyre pressure control unit (RDC) F8 (7,5A) Speaker(s) F9 (15A) Horns. Topped off and it's working as well as new. Not possible. A/C only working on one side of car? When in the sun I have to set it to 60 degrees then when its cloudy back to 72 degrees. SOURCE: 2002 BMW 540I air/conditioner not blowing air at all. Air conditioning is one of the greatest perks of modern motoring that is simply taken for granted. Air-conditioning control. Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! We hooked a ac machine to it and just added 3/4 of a pound of freon. Why's my BMW X5 air conditioning not working on one side? I have spent some time looking for this information but have not been able to find a solution. For me, the blender motor was stuck in the open position. Coolant is good in the radiator. JavaScript is disabled. Mine started doing the same thing today, and I just added some R-134a and it fixed it instantly. One of the problems that stands out on the X5 is the a/c will not work if the exterior fan (in front of the radiator and condenser) isn't working. - 2008 BMW X5 Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 1 Answer. :thumbup: Where is the port for adding the R-134a on an E65, mine is a '07 750i. A working A/C means that you can drive in comfort no matter the weather or the terrain or conditions outside.Air conditioning allows you to keep the windows up and exist in your own quiet and comfortable cabin, if you wish. I also jumped the two positive wires going to the valve to make both of the temp settings the same with no different results. if your car does not have multi region cooling (individual zone control) then all air-conditioning outlet should not be cold either. The A/C started acting funny several weeks ago, even though it is set on AC MAX it will blow hot air on one side and cold on the other: Passenger=HOT Driver=COLD or viceversa, depends on the cars mood. 14 Views. Bringing the BMW community together. After that time it would cool awesome. With the blower at its lowest setting, press the left side of … ... One of the components that prevent your engine from overheating is the cooling fan, and should it fail, you'll notice it in very short time. I've also read elsewhere on the forum that I should also add pag46 oil, maybe 4 ounces. The interior temperature, air volume and air distribution can be adjusted with the ignition switched on. 106640 mi C $400: X5 do have rubber tubing on the low pressure side, the wider Tube is Rubber not aluminum . The blowers work fine, it's just that the air is suddenly col... Heater issues on 2008 X5 4.8i, 125k miles! I thought that there might be someone with the same problem so i decided to update everyone.. After changing out my water control valve as mintioned above the problem was not solved. Air Conditioning problem 2004 BMW X5 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic I have a 2004 X5 3.0. At one point I closed both driver side vents so I could have only cold air from the other two vents. No. After two tows and drained batteries. Good not amazing, but I don't need amazing. Recently (in the last 4 to 6 weeks), my heater stopped working on the passenger side. ... Parts Of BMW Air Conditioner; BMW X5 Oem Replacement Parts; The fluid that is used to cool your car, freon, could be leaking out of your car, or there might be a bigger leak in the A/C system. A/C charge is good I had it checked with a three gauge setup 35 lbs on the low side and I can***8217;t remember the high number but it was in the blue. William S July 30, 2020 19 Views 1 Answer Rose S answered on July 30, 2020 the air conditioning in a bmw x5 not working could be because of low refrigerant or a faulty compressor. I have a 2000 m5 with the passenger side vents being hotter than the driver***8217;s side. I have shown this to 1 Dealer and 2 different Indys who specialized in BMW, all 3 couldnt find the Leak in Spring, they put something in it and I dont remember what, The Dealer did put the Dye in it also. Low side is by the abs module passenger side, and high side on the same side just aside the passenger headlight. X5 2004 automobile pdf manual download. I forced the valve closed using a spare plug and battery and the problem still persist. Thinking maybe a thermostat on passenger side? I will check the refrigerant pressure first, then buy that new valve... thanks again! While this may be clear to others, do I add the refrigerant to high side, low side or both? Air Conditioning not working properly, it take hours to cool the car. The following information will help you in detecting any issues in your BMW's air conditioning system. Most mechanics don't seem to put this one togther - you have to demand it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Why's my BMW X5 e70 head up display not working? Any advice is welcome thanks! Comments: I have a 2003 325i, the AC blows warm air when the car is not moving, as soon as I star diving the car the AC stars to blow cool air, do you have any tips in what is this happening. Only reason why I'm wondering if it has anything to do at all with the refrigerant is because the result is the same with the AC button turned off. Air Conditioning problem BMW X5 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 160.00 miles Why is my bmw x5 4.4 "2001" air conditioner blowing warm air on one side? I used a digital temp gauge gun. if your car has multi region cooling (individual zone control) then, likely your driver side sensor not working. Turned out to be simple lack of freon. Switching off rear automatic climate control. Then it made it to 1 hour or more before it would start working. Posted on Dec 22, 2008 If you have access to a set of high and low pressure gauges then its pretty easy to see whats going on after being shown by someone that knows about a/c. Bmw X5 Air Conditioning Not Working On One Side Selasa, 24 September 2019 Tambah Komentar Edit Ac Cold One Side And Hot On The Other Side Fix 2002 Grand Caravan I know that there is no water flowing through the heater cores and now I***8217;m lost. The passenger side is nice and cold. As a test I used an ohm meter to find ground and the two positive terminals on the control valve. For anyone***8217;s reference the wire closest to the firewall is the ground brown in color, the other two yellow with red and pink are positive. Shop changed filters but the problem is still there ... Too many constant COSTLY electrical issues DO NOT BUY A BMW X5 Cost per mile probhitive : ... passenger side brake light not working. Engine not specified. A forum community dedicated to BMW owners and enthusiasts. They can figure out what part or repair kit you need. Dealer look up for leaks, but never found one, so they fill it up. go to the ac in idrive and set the drivers side to blue (cold) take it out of the red (hot), Thanks for the reply... i've tried that already and made sure the settings are all on "blue". The way i see it for a car that is this old having to put a can of freeon in it was no big deal. I went thru the normal test and found the compressor was running the entire time with no pressure being made. The driver***8217;s vents will get down to 46 degrees on recalculate. is shown on the display of the automatic climate control. oh and i know my spelling sucks, im a welder not an english major. I searched google and came across this thread. Switching off. Turn off the AC and driver side blows cool and passenger side warm. Are there more than one … What kind of program can I use to see if theres some faults? I have a 750 Li 2006 with 150 K km on it. I mean "no leaks"..if freon is gone it went somewhere. on the e39 m5 the valve is located right inside the drivers side finder on the shock tower. I have a 2002 745i with about 150K miles. It was taking from the low side when the compressor would kick on and get good high side pressure but then throw and error because the low side didnt have enought freeon. cleaned the condenser, that one side seems to work good. The automatic mode for the air flow rate can be switched on again using the AUTO button. You can over charge your a/c so be carefull... good luck fellas!
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